It’s all about sharing

It’s Monday 10th July, 2pm, and I’ve just made it on time for the third Forever Manchester Big Meet. Today we’re at the Harpurhey Wellbeing Centre, very kindly hosted by Joan Tipping, sharing their facilities with us.

Forever Manchester’s Helen has the best greeting ever: tea, coffee, cakes and a smile! Also tucking into cake, or avoiding eye contact with it, are representatives from community groups across Harpurhey and Moston. Our resident blogger Len, coordinator of this blog, is here too with his camera.

These Big Meets are an opportunity for everyone to get together and share information with others and talk about local issues that affect us all. It’s amazing how much you learn in an hour or so.

They have to leave early so we start with young filmmakers David and Josh telling us how they started their film company, Modify Productions. As well as undertaking corporate commissions, they are passionate about capturing as much as possible of the work being done in the local community. This would culminate in sharing a community film at The Miners next year.

“Another blog for Len,” grins Helen.

As he has done for our other Big Meets, Anthony from Everyday People has a fab ice-breaker where he distributes picture sheets and we have to name the obscure TV programme or advert. We team up, work together and, with a few clues, all manage to get some right.

Next we hear from Lorraine and Donna from North Manchester Fitness, who tell us their all-inclusive group has been going for over five years. For the next 20 minutes they share the benefits of exercise with us meaning we participate in a little armchair aerobics… although Len, Donna and Anthony opt for 10 minutes on the floor. We look on, glad we sat at the back!

Exercise done, more carbohydrates are needed, so it’s back to the cakes and coffee before Mary tells us all about the amazing work they do at African Voice.

Next up David from North Manchester FM tells us they are looking for volunteer presenters. Forever Manchester are funding the community radio station to run a 10-week training course in radio presenting – good for those who like talking – most of our group then really!

Len also encourages us to write our own blogs for Another Music, so anyone who has anything they want to share can go for it – that should mean a lot of drafts going his way!

Finally, Helen thanked everyone, and everyone thanked Helen and Joan for providing the much needed refreshments. We all thanked each other for sharing all we can and empowering our community.

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